Love and Survival

Today in Ludwigshafen, Germany a father dropped his 2-year-old son from a 4th floor window as the apartment building went up in flames.



I’m arrested by the counterposing of life and death in these images.

And those faces as they watch him fall… Those faces reflect the deepest and surest insecurity of human love – that we must inevitably see it torn away by our own mortality.

And suddenly I see these images in a different light. The parents, for a fleeting moment, forget their own imminent peril in the face of a deeper longing – for their son’s survival.

And isn’t that the essence of love?

Life for us all is merely a drawn out version of this burning building. We know death is coming for us all, and for all we love. Yet the one thing that conquers death IS love. And love is most pure when we hold another’s life dearer than our own.


Someone caught the child.

Presently, it does not appear that any of his family survived.

What will it be like for this boy to see these pictures years from now? To see the ghosts of his parents in a final deserate act to save his life? To be so fiercely reminded of how fleeting and mysterious and traggic life can be? – And how love is stronger than death.

Before the end, I hope those people saw that their child was safe.


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