Lenny Kravitz is Celibate?


Just when you thought you’d heard it all. Now this.

Seems I remember Rivers Cuomo saying something a couple of years ago about a self-imposed celibacy – trying to escape the “emptiness of his own excess”.

Two guys who have it all, searching for something deeper.


One response to “Lenny Kravitz is Celibate?

  1. Thank you, Lenny. It takes a real man to publicly make a statement endorsing celibacy in this sex crazed, spiritually bankrupt world. I have long aspired to take this higher road myself, but have failed miserably in my half hearted efforts. I am currently involved w/ a wonderful man, a man of deep conviction and honor in most every conceivable way. We have an extraordinary sex connection, almost supernaturally chemistry between us. In fact, I believe it is God who brought us together in an against all odds mode. Unfortunately, I remain conflicted by the amazing, hard to find sex component as I believe premarital sex is not God’s plan for me or anyone else. Yet, I continue to engage in it because he is a very sexual man, excessively endowed w/ w/ testosterone/virility. The catch is that he is adamant about never marrying again, purportedly because of the painful circumstances of his divorce 5 years ago (cheating wife who moved his two children to Australia, far away from him). Marriage has never been my mission in life but it is more important to honor God to me than to gratify this convenient relationship. You have inspired me to take the high road and do what is right for my soul, the ultimate bottom line. A million thanks to you, you will be blessed for your honesty and positive influence on misguided sinners such as myself. The road to hell is paved w/ good intentions but now I am inspired to finally be strong, redeem myself and do the right thing. Intentions don’t really mean much, it’s sincere redemption that saves one’s soul. It will be very hard to lose him as I know the pickings of decent men are damned slim out there, but I can now focus on more important/significant contributions (ie – writing) I have delayed living up to for too long. As God says in His word, “Be anxious for nothing….” Carry on regardless of the incredulous naysayers and be proud of the good in you. It’s worth more than you know or I can even begin to articulate. I will follow suit and finally do the right thing, losing that gnawing internal conflict that has plagued me for years. Thank you, Lenny.

    PS – I love your mother; she is special.

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