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The Clintons’ Shameless Race-baiting

Bill Clinton in Charleston, SC today:

“Jesse Jackson won South Carolina in ’84 and ’88. Jackson ran a good campaign; and Obama ran a good campaign here.”

You can’t miss the ugly message behind that remark. The Clintons knew they were going to lose South Carolina. They’ve spent the last few weeks subtly injecting race into this campaign. Now Obama isn’t the Democrat who beat Hillary in SC. He’s the “black man” who beat her. In other states this white/black polarization will play to Hillary’s advantage.

I’ve never cared much for the Clintons. But the Machiavellian underhanded sleaze they are demonstrating continues to astonish me. They’ll do anything to win. And there is no principle that they won’t lay aside in order to do it. It’s sick.


Clinton’s Loss is…Clinton’s Gain

As usual, Dick Morris exaggerates. But he’s on the mark about the Clintons’ race-baiting strategy.

Obama has done everything he possibly could to keep race out of this election. And the Clintons attracted national scorn when they tried to bring it back in by attempting to minimize the role Martin Luther King Jr. played in the civil rights movement. But here they have a way of appearing to seek the black vote, losing it, and getting their white backlash, all without any fingerprints showing. The more President Clinton begs black voters to back his wife, and the more they spurn her, the more the election becomes about race — and Obama ultimately loses.

Bill Clinton famously referred to himself as “the first black-president.” Now he’s exploiting race to get himself – oh yeah, and his wife too – back into the nation’s highest office. What kind of neurosis is causing Democrats to want to return this scandel-ridden duo back into the White House? Have they so quickly forgotten the naked interns in the Oval Office closet, the money scandals, and the general shame the Clintons brought on us all?