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Ralph Lauren fires “overweight” model

Filippa Hamilton is the model whose image was photo-shopped by Ralph Lauren so that her waist looked smaller than her head. The image has created a firestorm of negative publicity for Ralph Lauren. And the label has threatened to sue bloggers who publish the guilty image. Well, here it is again, next to a photo of what Hamilton actually looks like.

Hamilton, who is 5’10” and a size 8, claims that she was fired by Ralph Lauren in April for being “overweight.”

‘I’ve been working with them since I was 15 years old, so I considered them my second family,’ the 5ft 10in beauty said. ‘I was very hurt about this.’

Miss Hamilton claims she was fired in April – before the digitally- altered images of her were released.

‘I saw my face in this extremely skinny girl – which is not me,’ she recalled.

‘It makes me sad. It makes me think that Ralph Lauren wants to have this kind of image – and it’s not healthy, it’s not right.

‘And it’s not a good example. When you see this picture young women will look at this and think it’s normal, and it’s not.’

In a statement last night Polo Ralph Lauren denied her claims, saying their relationship ended ‘as a result of her inability to meet the obligations under her contract’.

Hopefully, fashion compaines will learn something from Ralph Lauren’s current woes. There is nothing wrong with using models that are healthy and on the thin side. But distorting images into unhealthy proportions and motivating girls to starve themselves is not good ethics or good business, and consumers are getting fed up with it.

Pepsi advises men on how to score with women

Pepsi has created a storm of controversy for itself, and a lot of bad p.r. Marketers for Pepsi’s energy drink AMP (a beverage targeted primarily toward men) created an iPhone app, which stereotypes different women and offers advice and pick-up lines with the aim of helping guys “score” with each different type of woman.

Pepsis AMP up before you score application

Pepsi's "AMP up before you score" iPhone application

There’s advice for bookworms, girls on the rebound, even – so I hear – for how to score with a married woman. Wow, that was well thought through, Pepsi. Nice job.

Will the National Organization for Women organize a boycott? I might have to join them on this one. Ah, misogyny – the marketing tool of self-destructive corporations. It says something, however, about our culture that this could have been considered a good idea by any corporate marketing team.

Pepsi is backpedaling hard on this one. But I wonder how many gals will switch to Coca Cola.