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Obama’s California Surge

Reuters is polling Obama ahead of Hillary by one point. This is the first time since the campaign that Obama has led a poll in California.

They also show him winning big in Georgia, which has a huge black population, and neck-and-neck in other important states like Missouri and New Jersey.

I’m convinced that Hillary’s reemergence as the front runner actually helps Obama this week. If he loses key states, it won’t come as any surprise. But if he racks up some big victories it will be an important psychological victory over Hilary. Some pundits say that Obama needs only to stay close in the Super Tuesday states in order to stay viable in the race over the coming weeks. This race certainly won’t be over on Tuesday. And if Obama wins California, it will be a tipping point for the race as a whole.


Give Me a Break

The NY Times just gave their breathless endorsement to Hillary, praising her “abiding, powerful intellect.” Aaaackk! Give me a break. You want to endorse her? Fine. But don’t be such grovelling sycophants. I wonder if they burnt a candle before her gilded image prior to the announcement. Can I say again? — Aaaacckk!

In other news, they picked McCain for the GOP. You know he didn’t want that!