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SHOW ME your nominee

Intriguingly, Obama and McCain appear to have won single percentage point victories in Missouri. This is obviously more crucial for McCain since the GOP has a winner take all system in place for their delegates.

Obama will score an important psychological victory in key swing state. All the more vital since he looks headed for a dissapointing finish in California. Looks like he didn’t do well with the Asian and Hispanic populations. He has Claire McCaskill to thank for his victory in the Show Me State.

But he’s dominated the Red States. That’s why he would be such a formidable candidate in the general election. Most of the base voters in the Democratic party don’t seem to get that fact.

McCain is ahead tonight, and probably will clinch the nomination if he wins California. But the GOP is divided.


McCain in Trouble?

Reuters has Romney ahead in California.

I get the feeling that the Coulter/Limbaugh/Malkin-style talk radio attacks on McCain are making an impact. California’s GOP delegates are awarded by congressional district. With the race as close as it is, it’s impossible to know who will come out ahead. Then again, it’s hard for me to believe that McCain won’t win in a liberal state like California. He’s still the favorite.

Why McCain Might be the next President

Hillary vs. McCain is the one formula most likely to put (could it even be possible?) a Republican back in the White House next year. Read this and you’ll know why.

How is Hillary going to talk about her “experience” while standing next to a 30-year member of the Senate and a Vietnam POW who has taken fire on the field of battle? The Dems are afraid of McCain, just like the Republicans are afraid of Obama. Now that McCain has won Florida, it looks like he will be the nominee. Let’s see if the Democrats are foolish enough to pass up their best chance at victory in deference to the Clinton machine.