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Parents subject 12 year old to sex change procedure

Word from the U.K. that two parents are sending their child to undergo a sex change operation.

A BOY aged 12 turned up at school as a GIRL – after changing sex during the summer holidays.

Teachers called an emergency assembly to order fellow pupils to treat him as female.

The lad, whose parents have changed his name to a girl’s by deed poll, arrived in a dress with long hair in ribboned pigtails. He is preparing for sex-swap surgery…

Transgender counsellor David Hawley last night paid tribute to the pupil’s “strength of character”.

He said: “It is very unusual for a child of that age to be that clear about what they want to do. She has had a lot of support from her parents. So I imagine she was comfortable with herself before going to school and now she is discovering it can be a nasty world, which is hard at that age.”

Psychotherapist James Caspian said the child would not be allowed hormone treatment in the UK until passing puberty. Meanwhile he and the other kids would have to cope with the shockwaves caused by the switch.

Mr Caspian said: “These children are old enough to have picked up a lot of taboos from society.”

Yes, and in this case the children have more sense than the adults. How can a 12 year-old have enough maturity to make such a drastic decision for himself? And how could sane parents send their kid off for hormone therapy and to have his weaner chopped off and who knows what else when he hasn’t even hit puberty yet? Why isn’t this against the law in Britain? These sorts of procedures cannot be undone should the boy regret it later in life.

Are we so blinded by our obsession with tolerance that we have lost our ability to protect children from parents such as these?


Abortion Law Tightening in the U.K.

Abortion law in the U.K. is much stricter than in the U.S., where there are essentially no limits at all on ending the life of an unborn child – even partial birth abortions have long been carried out here by the thousands each year. But in Britan, which is by most accounts more liberal and less religious than the U.S., it is illegal to obtain an abortion after 24 weeks gestation. Now, the government is proposing to push that limit back to 20 weeks. And they have substantial public support.

Meanwhile, the U.K. is also pushing for more counseling about newly acknowledged mental-health risks for women who have abortions. A recent news story told the story of Emma Beck, 30, a young artist, who commited suicide after suffering from severe regrets. She left the following note before killing herself.

“Living is hell for me. I should never have had an abortion. I see now I would have been a good mum. I want to be with my babies; they need me, no one else does.”

The significance of the British parliament’s move is clear. It marks the first time that the British government has taken the position that the mental health risks associated with abortion may outweigh the mental strain of carrying an unwanted child to term. The U.K. is looking at the abortion issue with notable honesty and openness.

The U.S. is among the most conservative of all developed nations. Yet so complete is the grip of the radical abortion lobby on our government, that our abortion law remains far more liberal than that of the U.K. No Democratic politician can dare speak of placing any limits on abortion without risking serious damage to her political career.

Bill Clinton twice vetoed bans on partial birth abortion. Barack Obama voted against an Illinois law that would have prevented doctors from starving babies to death who survived abortions. What have we heard from Harry Reid, the supposedly pro-life Democratic leader of the Senate? – Nothing. Decades of cowering deference to the abortion extremists has scandalized the conscience of the Democratic party.

And we’re all the worse for it.