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Bloomberg for Prez?

Interesting new national poll from Zogby shows Hillary and Obama essentially tied: 39-38%. Seems Hillary’s loss of support from black voters is really hurting her.

The story here.

Michael Bloomberg

It dismisses a potential Michael Bloomberg candidacy, citing that 60% said they were “very unlikely” to support a Bloomberg run. But I think the analysis is wrong. 19% said they were either “very likely” or “somewhat likely” to support him. And he hasn’t even decided to enter the race yet. Numbers like that will make Bloomberg more likely to enter. A few billion dollars later, he might have 30% of the vote – and then no one wins a majority in the electoral college and the House of Representatives gets to choose the next President, and… (deep breath)

Then again, New Hampshire taught us not to lend much credence to the polls. And the more Republicans find out about him the less they’re going to like him. But if more numbers like this keep coming, I predict that Bloomberg will be unable to resist. What a circus that would be.